A little bit about me

November 10, 2017

Left photo is of me and my twin with our sister, Stephanie  ---  Right photo is me and my twin with our sister, Stacy

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney Jones and I am a senior at UWT. I have two older sisters and a twin sister, Sinead, who is also taking this course. Funny enough, my family is predominately all female. As I mentioned, I have three sisters and I also have two nieces, who are the most adorable little girls ever (I might be bias lol). I give my dad major props for raising four girls!

I was born in Tacoma and raised here for most of my childhood. In 2008, I moved to Maryland due to my dad's new job. I just recently moved back to the pnw in 2016 to finish my last two years of college. Living on the East Coast was a refreshing change, but I'll always consider Washington home.

I am a huge dog lover! I have two german shepherds, who are both rescues. Scarlett is now three years old and Leo is two years old. They are inseparable, always together. Scarlett is definitely sassy and assertive in what she wants. Leo on the other hand, is such a love bug - he loves to cuddle.

Random facts about me:

  1. I get cold easily (I'm usually always cold)
  2. I can't eat raw sushi (but I love California rolls)
  3. I switched places with my twin when we were in kindergarten (we were inspired by The Parent Trap)
  4. My favorite color is turquoise
  5. In my family, every girl's name starts with 'S' (including my dog, Scarlett lol)

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